’99 Years And Counting’ by Alan Hodgson, Ian & Gwen Thomas, John Ward (2008)

99 yearsIf you thought that Terry Frost’s book HUDDERSFIELD TOWN – A COMPLETE RECORD 1908-1990 (1990) was good, well, as they say – you ain’t seen nothing yet! Frost’s book was excellent but it had two major drawbacks; it is now very difficult to find, and it only chronicled the years up to 1990. This book, on the other hand, comes right up to date with stats for the 2006-2007 season included. What is more, it’s not just fixtures, results and player records that you get here; no – you also get details such as Player of the Year awards, details of hat-trick and 4-goal hauls, Penalty Kings (even details of those awarded against Town!), Youth Cup results and a whole host of other Town minutiae. It would take too long for me to list all the aspects of Town’s playing history covered here, but suffice it to say that everything you could ever want to know is in this book! Every page features a number of pictures and photographs covering Town’s history, be it a programme cover, photographic postcard or even (joy of joys!) a sticker or cigarette card. In fact, I’m proud to declare that my name is printed on the page of contributors as I provided one or two items for inclusion.

Of course, a book of this size is not without its errors and it’s a bit sad to report that there is a 2-page errata sheet inserted at the back, but this does not detract from what is a mammoth tome; 386 A4-pages guaranteed to grip every Town fan, young and old.

UPDATE: As pointed out above there are a few errors in this worthy tome but co-author John Ward has produced an addendum and errata sheets to correct these and I have also included more corrections kindly submitted by Richard Askham. John has also provided a letter as evidence that the lowest crowd ever was NOT the game against Torquay. Click the link below for a pdf document containing all of these documents.

99 Years and Counting errata and addenda