Art Works

PAGECRESTThis section is designed to collate some of the many artworks available on the internet which feature Huddersfield Town. Many of these you will not see anywhere else on the internet so enjoy them.

Wherever possible I have published links to purchase the prints in one form or another.


Paine Proffitt is an American-born artist living in England, best known for his sporting works and for his depiction of ‘the working-man’s life’. He has created hundreds of football-based ‘retro’ scenes for numerous clubs and you can visit his amazing website by clicking HERE.
These are the Town images that he has created thus far; I have no doubt that you will be impressed!


PP8  PP7  PP1  PP2  PP4  PP3  PP6


Ali White is a full-time photographic artist who is based in Huddersfield. His work very strongly features views of Huddersfield in general but it also specifically includes the  images of the Town ground shown here. I can personally recommend the one of the view down the ground from the South Stand (top) as I have this hanging proudly in my ‘den’. The original of the elongated picture (second), ‘The Galpharm Stadium By Night’, measures 3m x 1m and actually hangs in the inner reception area at the Town stadium. You will find his website – and prices – HERE.

ARTWORK White 1Above: “Huddersfield Town Football Club”

ARTWORK White 2Above: “The Galpharm Stadium By Night”

ARTWORK White 3Above:The Galpharm Stadium Changing Room”

ARTWORK White 4Above: “Huddersfield Town”

ARTWORK White 5Above: “John Smiths Stadium Exterior”

ARTWORK White 6Above: “Smile Awhile Huddersfield Town”


Ebay1There is a particular seller – crouchingtiger2008 – who offers many Town players on prints like the ones shown below at very reasonable prices. They are lovely items although I seriously doubt that they are actually hand-drawn (see my effort below). You will find his items for sale HERE.


And here’s mine, just to show that with the right software, it’s not that difficult

2014-15 HTFC sketches


Johnny runs the THRICE CHAMPIONS BLOG which is filled with his very clever artwork. Examples include the ‘virtual stickers’ shown here (and more on my 2014 section) along with some scintillating, easily identifiable figures.


JH1  JH3


Johnny has also worked hard to redesign certain aspects of the club logo and branding, etc. with some amazing results. I’ll only include one here; you really need to explore his blog to see just how clever this chap really is!



NIgel CookeIn May 2017 HTAFC made available in the Club Shop and also online copies of this canvas produced by Nigel Cooke. Four options were available for fans to purchase starting with the small framed picture (43cm by 43cm) for £45; a medium frame (53cm by 53cm) for £70; a large frame (84cm by 84cm) for £175 or a canvas of the image (80cm by 80cm) for £115.
The original image created by Cooke was painted after Town’s 2-1 win over Leeds United in February to mark the special relationship and celebrations between the Terriers supporters and David Wagner’s First Team squad, whilst also paying tribute to those in the Chadwick Lawrence Cowshed. ​All variations of the print were signed by the artist and came with a certificate of authenticity.
Personally, I think that it’s horrible, although I concede that there will be those who disagree with my opinion.


Now this one is going to split opinion big style! In May 2020 this was produced as a large (A3) print with images drawn by Alex and Sian Pratchett, the couple who hit the headlines for drawing their own stickers to complete a Panini FIFA World Cup Brazil 2014 book. They have subsequently gone on to draw stickers for many other books and have now settled on doing individual teams, this Town one being the latest. You can order one for £12.00 (+ £3.00 p&p) HERE. And, yes – I have bought one… 🙂2020 NOSCOREDRAWS Terriers Edition

NB Note that these are not individual stickers; they are one single large print.


If you like your artwork more in the Lowry style, then you could do worse than check out the work of local artist Roger Davies. Three football-specific works are available at online at together with several other of his local prints.

ARTWORK DAVIES going to the matchAbove: “The Terriers Going To The Match”

ARTWORK DAVIES going to the match againAbove: “The Terriers Going To The Match Again”

ARTWORK DAVIES going to the match again busAbove: “The Terriers Going To The Match (But They Might Need A Bigger Bus)