PAGECRESTThese are MY badges – I know that there are millions of others out there, but I personally own all of these. The vast majority of these badges are official and are marked as such. I don’t usually make a point of buying unofficial badges unless they are celebrating a particularly important match although you will see that I do have one or two made for League games.

The reference numbers (e.g. AFBC Ref: HUD34) are from the Association of Football Badge Collectors catalogue.

Quite a few of these have now sold – PLEASE contact me with PICTURES of the ones that you want so that I can tell you what is still available.

Huddersfield Town Supporters & Patrons Club badges

All of these are official badges @£5 each

1940s SC  1940s SCComm  1960s SC  1960s SCwhite  1960s SCcircle  1969 HTSC  1970 SC Div2  1990s Patron  1990s Together  2001 Moscow  2003 Survival  2011 Patrons  2015 Patrons

  • I have dated the two ‘Maltese Cross’ style badges above as possibly 1940s even though others suggest 1960s; they just look older than that to me, so please let me know if you can confirm one way or another.
  • ‘Moscow Branch’ badges were available in various colours, but only 20 of each were made

Special Celebratory Badges

@£3 each (Premier Pledger @£10; FAC Finals badges ALL SOLD)

1980 4DC  1994 EoaE  1998 90Years  2004 D3POW  2005 triple  2007 centenary  2008 HCTrophy  2008 Centenary1  2008 Centenary2  2017 pledger

2017 Everton hospitality  2017 WRC  2018 Chinese  2018 RBL poppy  2018 WRC badge   2019 RBL poppy   2020 RBL poppy  2021 RBL Poppy badge

  • The ‘Premier Pledger’ badge was ​issued to just 4500 season card holders
  • The Everton badge was given out to fans in the ‘posh’ seats at Goodison Park, November 2017 (with thanks to Richard Cookson)
  • The 2018 ‘Chinese Year of the Dog’ was also supplied by Richard Cookson
  • The White Rose Club Hospitality badges were also for Match Day Sponsors (with thanks to Sam Horsman at HTAFC)

1990s BADGE 1922 Preston1990s BADGE 1930 FAC Final pair1990s BADGE 1938 Preston pair2002 BADGE PlayOff semi2003 BADGE Accrington2004 BADGE PlayOff pair 2004 BADGE promotion2008 BADGE pre-season2009 BADGE Everton2009 BADGE Dagenham2009 BADGE Port Vale2010 BADGE WBA2011 BADGE Carlisle pair2012 BADGE PlayOffs2013 BADGE Wolves

General badges, quite possibly in date order…

The 1950s and 1960s

@£3 each (1960s official enamel and Gamage’s only)

1950s plastic Davie  1960s enamel  1970s tin  1960s Gamage

  • The Davie badge is almost certainly unofficial and possibly home-made
  • The 1960s enamel badge is my very own and I have had it since 1968

The 1970s

@£3 each (Swedish pin, 2x Reeves, 1970/71 tin Terrier & Tudor Crisps badges = sold)

1970 Swedish  1970 Czech  1970s Fattorini   1970s Gomm  1970s Official  1970 tin  1970 Reeves  1970 Reeves small  1970 tin 2  1971 Tin  1971 Tin2  197071 official  197071 Coffer  197071 Tudor

  • 1970-1971 small badge – is it by Reeves? It is not stamped and I’m not convinced that this is genuine. I think that this is far more likely to be a modern (c2011) product as I don’t remember seeing these smaller versions although the large ones were certainly around back then – I had one!
  • The unofficial c1971 tin and Tudor Crisps badges must be about this date as Town were in the top division then and were more likely to have this kind of thing produced

The 1980s

@£3 each (Terrier Trek = sold)

1980s BADGE HUD41980s BADGE HUD51980s BADGE HUD91980s BADGE unofficial 11980s BADGE unofficial 21980s BADGE unofficial 3198890 BADGE home kit198890 BADGE unofficial1984 BADGE Terrier Trek1980s BADGE unofficial 41980s BADGE unofficial 5198990 BADGE away

  • AFBC Ref: HUD9 really is this small!
  • Unofficial? 1988-90 – a strange one; it’s exactly the same as the previous badge except that it has blue sleeves – Town have never played in all-blue sleeves which leads me to question its validity.
  • I can only presume that the ‘Terrier Trek ’84’ badge was produced to mark the ‘Walk Around the Pitch’ fund-raiser of 1984. In addition, this badge is shown in much-reduced size; it’s actually 7cm in diameter!

The 1990s

@£3 each

1990s BADGE cancer terrier1990s BADGE TazBADGE 199193 Gola awayBADGE 199394 Vileda awayBADGE 199394BADGE 199495 PULSE homeBADGE 1994BADGE 1994 mugBADGE 1995BADGE 1995 small ovalBADGE 199597 PANASONIC home199597 BADGE Panasonic home199597 BADGE Panasonic awayBADGE 199697 PANASONIC away199697 BADGE Panasonic awayBADGE 199798 PANASONIC kitsBADGE 199798 laurel leavesBADGE 199798 white blueBADGE 199798 tall crestBADGE 199899 PANASONIC homeBADGE 199899 PANASONIC awayBADGE 1990s HUD13BADGE 1990s fanBADGE 1990s banner1990s BADGE circular crest1990s BADGE circular stripes

  • I know for a fact that several of the unofficial badges shown above were sold outside the ground by a chap who had a board full of different designs. He is still there in the 2020s 🙂

The 2000s

@£3 each

BADGE 200001 scarfBADGE 200102 loudBADGE 200102 100%BADGE 200102 1908BADGE 200102 circleBADGE 200102 PRIME homeBADGE c200102BADGE 200001 small ReevesBADGE 200001 small Reeves awayBADGE 200001 flowerBADGE 200001 circle whiteBADGE 200001 circle blueBADGE 200004 McAlpineBADGE 2000s circular brassBADGE 2000s pale blue ovalBADGE 200405 PRIME awayBADGE 200405 PRIME TerryBADGE 2005 1908 crestBADGE 2005 starBADGE 200506 YBS homeBADGE 200506 YBS awayBADGE 2005 Notts BranchBADGE 2006 KingBADGE 2006 no AFCBADGE 200607 YBS awayBADGE 2007 Centenary homeBADGE 2007 Centenary awayBADGE 2007 crest starsBADGE 2007 ballBADGE 2007 crestBADGE 2008 RetropinsBADGE c2008 England shieldBADGE 2009 EnglandBADGE Golly blueBADGE Golly redBADGE HTAFC 1908BADGE No SurrenderBADGE crestBADGE tiny circleBADGE RosetteBADGE shield crestBADGE Town Till I DieBADGE small blue circleBADGE PudseyBADGE tiny crestBADGE bar crestBADGE ForearmBADGE angry terrierBADGE red crestBADGE tin white circleBADGE StadiumBADGE big terrier

  • The official ‘crest’ badges of 2006 and 2007 can be dated precisely because there is no “AFC” in the scroll

The 2010s

@£3 each

BADGE 2010 poppyBADGE 2011 Santa 1BADGE 2011 Santa 2BADGE 201112 shield crestBADGE 201112 12th ManBADGE 201112 club countryBADGE 201112 pennantBADGE 2012 iconBADGE 201213 100%BADGE 201213 RekorderligBADGE 2013 playerBADGE 201314 kitBADGE 201314 scarfBADGE 201314 flagBADGE 2013 NobbyBADGE 201415 RekorderligBADGE 201415 FoundationBADGE 2015 circle homeBADGE 2015 circle awayBADGE 2015 terrier oval homeBADGE 2015 terrier oval awayBADGE 2017 EPL terrier

The 2020s