PAGECRESTThe vast majority of these badges are official ones and are marked as such. I don’t usually make a point of buying unofficial badges unless they are celebrating a particularly important match although you will see that I do have one or two made for League games.

The reference numbers (e.g. AFBC Ref: HUD34) are from the Association of Football Badge Collectors catalogue.

Huddersfield Town Supporters & Patrons Club badges

All of these are official badges

A002  B001  C003  D004  E005

F006  G007  H008 I009  J010

K011  L012  M013

A = 1930s? VERY rare! (AFBC Ref: HUD41) – appears with both a pin and button-hole attachment
B = 1930s? Committee Member: exceedingly rare
C = 1960s (AFBC Ref: HUD42)
D = 1960s (AFBC Ref: HUD43)
E = 1960s (AFBC Ref: HUD45)
F = c1969
G = 1970 2nd Division Championship (AFBC Ref: HUD44)
H = 1990s ‘Patrons Association’ (AFBC Ref: HUD18)
I = 1990s (AFBC Ref: HUD46)
J = 2001 ‘Moscow Branch’; variations in colour were available, but only 20 of each were made
K = August 2003 ‘HT Survival Trust’
L = August 2011 ‘Patrons Club’
M = August 2015 ‘Patrons Club: 30th Anniversary’

Special Celebratory Badges


A142  B143  C144  D151  E153

F157  G155  H156  I 158  J Premier Pledger

K2017 Everton  L 2018 Red Terrier  M2017 hospitality  N2018 RBL PoppyO 2018 hatfc hospitality badge

P2019 Royal British Legion

A = 1980 ‘4th Division Champions’ (Coffer)
B = 1994 ‘End of an Era’
C = 1998 ’90 Years: 1908-1998′
D = 2004 ‘Division 3 Play-Off Winners’
E = 2005 ‘Triple Championship’
F = 2007-08 Centenary
G = 2008 ‘Herbert Chapman Trophy Centenary Match’
H & I = 2008 Centenary
J = 2017 ‘Premier Pledger’: ​issued to just 4500 season card holders
K = 2017 Given out to fans in the ‘posh’ seats at Goodison Park, Everton, November 2017 (with thanks to Richard Cookson)
L = 2018 ‘Chinese Year of the Dog’ (with thanks to Richard Cookson)
M = Badge given to Match Day Sponsors and White Rose Club Hospitality guests, 2017-18 (with thanks to
Sam Horsman at HTAFC)
N = 2018 Royal British Legion ‘Poppy’ badge
O = Badge given to Match Day Sponsors and White Rose Club Hospitality guests, 2018-19
P = 2019 Royal British Legion ‘Poppy’ badge


A145  B146  C147  D148

E149  F150  G 152  H154

I159  J160  K161  L162  M163

N164  O165  P 166  Q167

R168  S169

A & B = pair of 1990s Arsenal v Town: FA Cup Final 1930
C = 2002 Town v Brentford, Play-Off Semi-Final
D = 2003 Accrington v Town, FA Cup Rd 1
E & F = 2004 Town v Mansfield, Play-Off Final
G = 2004 Promotion (and Leeds & Bradford City relegations)
H = 2008 Pre-Season games against Sheffield United and Arsenal
I = 2009-10 Everton v Town, Carling Cup 2nd Round
J = 2009 Town v Dagenham, FA Cup R1
K = 2009 Port Vale v Town, FA Cup R2
L = 2010 Town v WBA, FA Cup R3
M & N = pair of 2011 Johnstone’s Paint Trophy Northern Final: Carlisle Utd vs Town
O = 2012 Play-Off Final semi-final teams: Sheffield Utd, Town, MK Dons and Stevenage
P = 2013 Championship match: Wolverhampton Wanderers vs Town
Q = 2013 Town v Preston: FA Cup Final 1922: the ‘gold’ variety
R & S = 2013 Town v Preston: FA Cup Final 1938: the ‘gold’ and the ‘platinum’ variety

General badges, quite possibly in date order …

The 1950s and 1960s

A014  B015  C016  D017

A = Almost certainly an unofficial 1950s plastic badge of Willie Davie
B = 1960s official
C = Unofficial 1960s tin badge; could possibly be early 1970s.
D = 1960s tin badge which was only available from Gamages in London, late 1960s

The 1970s

A018  B019C020  D021  E022

F023  G024  H025  I026

J027  K028  L029  M030

N1970s tudor crisps small

A = 1970 Rare unofficial Swedish plastic stick-pin
B = 1970 Rare unofficial Znak Brno of Czechoslovakia stick-pin
C = Early 1970s official by Fattorini of Bradford
D = Unofficial ‘Gomm’
E = Official early 1970s
F = Unofficial 1970 or 1971 tin badge
G = Official 1970-1971 by Reeves (AFBC Ref: HUD3)
H = Official? 1970-1971? by Reeves?: I’m not convinced that this is genuine; I think that this is far more likely to be a 2011 product; I don’t remember seeing these although the large ones were certainly around back then – I had one!
I = Official 1970-71 tin badge; very hard to find nowadays
J & K = Unofficial c1971 tin badges; must be about this date as Town were in the top division then
L = Official 1970-71
M = Official 1970-71 by Coffer
N = Tudor Crisps ‘Soccer Fans League’ plastic badge c1970-71

The 1980s

A031  B032  C033  D034  E035  F036  G037

H038  I039  J040  K041  L042

A = Official early 1980s (AFBC Ref: HUD5)
B = Official (AFBC Ref: HUD9) It really is this small!
C, D and E = I am honestly unsure about these; I think that thtey are all unofficial and could possibly be even later than the 1980s
F = Official 1988-90
G = Unofficial? 1988-90 – a strange one; it’s exactly the same as the previous badge except that it has blue sleeves – Town have never played in all-blue sleeves which leads me to question its validity.
H = Probably official; I can only presume that this badge was produced to mark the ‘Walk Around the Pitch’ fund-raiser of 1984. In addition, this badge is shown in much-reduced size; it’s actually 7cm in diameter!
I = Official (AFBC Ref: HUD4)
J & K = Probably unofficial
L = Official 1989-90 season

The 1990s


A044  B045  C046  D047  E 048  F 049

G062  H060  I050  J053  K 055

L063  M064  N065  O056  P057

Q058  R059  S 061

A = 1991-93 GOLA ‘away’ kit
B = 1993-94 VILEDA ‘away’ kit
C = 1993-4 season
D = 1994-95 PULSE ‘home’ kit
E & F = 1994
G & H = 1995
I =1995-1997 Panasonic ‘home’ kit
J = 1996-1997 Panasonic ‘away’ kit
K = 1997-98 season Panasonic kits
L, M & N = 1997-98
O & P = 1998-99 season Panasonic ‘home’ and ‘away’ kits
Q = Late 1990s (AFBC Ref: HUD13)
R & S = Late 1990s


A043  B051  C052  D054  E066  F067


A = I am certain that this was to do with a cancer trust somewhere
B = 1995-1997 Panasonic ‘home’ kit; I remember this being sold by a bloke outside the ground with a board full of badges
C = 1995-1997 Panasonic ‘away’ kit; as above
D = 1996-1997 Panasonic ‘away’; see ‘B’ above
E = Late 1990s; I’m unsure – this could be official
F = Late 1990s
G = Date unknown, but see ‘B’ above

The 2000s


A073  B072  C069  D 071

E070  F080  G 074  H081  I082  J083

K 097  L089  M84  N085  O088  P098

Q087  R090  S091  T094  U093  V092

A = c2000-01
B, C, D & E = 2001-02
F = 2001-02 Prime Time ‘home’ kit
G = c2001-02
H = Post-2000 but before 2004
I = 2004-05 Prime Time ‘away’ kit
J = 2004 ‘Prime Time’ Terry
K = 2005
L = 2005 ‘Young Guns’ star
M & N = 2005-06 YBS ‘home’ and ‘away’ kits
O = 2006 ‘King Of Clubs’
P = 2006 Plastic-coated enamel: no ‘AFC’
Q = 2006-07 YBS ‘away’ kit
R & S = April 2007 Centenary ‘home’ and ‘away’ kits
T & U = 2007
V = 2007 – No ‘AFC’ in the club name at the bottom


A078  B079  C075  D077  E076

F086  G095  H096  I099  J100

K101  L102  M103  N104  O105  P106

Q 107  R108  S111  T110  U109

V 112  W 113  X114  Y115  Z116  1117  “118

3119  4 120

A & B = Season 2000-01; I’m really unsure about these – they could be official
C, D, E = c2001-02 – likewise, these
F = 2005 tin badge ‘North Notts Branch’; definitely unofficial – I had this made for myself
G = 2008 ‘Retropins’; ​Town kit of 1937-38
H = c2008
I = 2009
J, K & L = date unknown
M = ‘No Surrender’ – date unknown
N, O & P = date unknown
Q = Date unknown; not really Town, but this Pudsey Bear badge fits the profile of a Town badge
R to 2 = dates unknown
3 = early 2000s, but could quite possibly be official

The 2010s

A121  B122  C123  D124  E125

F126  G127  H128  I129  J130

K131  L132  M133  N134  O135

P136  Q137  R138  S139  T140  U141

V2017 Terrier

A = Unofficial 2010 enamel
B & C = Unofficial 2011 tin badges
D = Official 2011-12 ‘Crest’
E = Official 2011-12 ’12th Man’
F = Official 2011-12 ‘Club & Country’
G = Official 2011-12 ‘Pennant’
H = Official 2012 ‘Icon
I = Official 2012-13 ‘100% Town’
J = Official 2012-13 ‘Rekorderlig Cider’ home kit
K = Unofficial 2013
L = Official 2013-14
M = Official 2013-14 ‘Scarf’
N = Official 2013-14 ‘Flag’
O = Unofficial 2013 ‘Nobby Nobbler’s Post-War Kits’
P = Official 2014-15 ‘Rekorderlig Cider’ home kit
Q = Official 2014-15 ‘Foundation’ community
R, S, T and U = Unofficial 2015
V = Official 2017 new ‘Terrier’ design