Cards & Stickers: 1971

Despite topping the table after just two games – home wins over Blackpool and then Southampton – Town eventually finished a modest 15th in May 1971. There were many cards and stickers to be had simply because Town were ‘dining at the Top Table‘.

‘The Wonderful World Of Soccer Stars 1971/72 First Division’
(Trade Ref: FAA-6)
Set of 330 + 22 badges
This lovely set of paper trade stickers can be bought very cheaply either as a set or at about 50p each, with the exception of the very rare badge/crest which will cost around £5.00.

1971 FKS album   1971 FKS packet   Badge     Cherry  Clarke  Dobson  Ellam  Greenhalgh  Hoy  Hutt  Krzywicki  Lawson D  Lawson J  McGill  Nicholson  Poole  Smith  Worthington  FKS back

A complete gallery of all of the stickers in this set can be seen on Nigel Mercer‘s website HERE.

‘First Division Soccer Clubs (‘Dotted Ball’)’ PVC
Nigel Mercer
informs me that these very rare stickers were almost certainly produced by NORTHERN TRANCESSORIES as they match several others. You can see other examples from this set on his website HERE.

‘First Division Soccer Clubs (‘Gold Badge’)’ PVC
And another which almost certainly comes from the same supplier. Note also that the sticker on the right is an ‘error’ – the rams have been wrongly reversed in the coat of arms. You can read more about these stickers on Alan Jenkins‘ blog HERE. Prices for these shield shaped stickers vary, but you can expect to pay in the region of £5 each as they are far more rare than the B.A.B. series of similar stickers.

NorthernTrancessories_a   NorthernTrancessories_a_error

‘Football Shields (Straight-sided with player)’
Note the variations in colours and stripe width. These are very common and can be bought for about £3.00 although you will have to look very hard indeed to find all of the variations.



The set gallery of these stickers can be seen on Nigel Mercer‘s superb website HERE.

BAB crest centreBAB1B.A.B. SOUVENIR CO.
‘Football Shields (Straight-sided, Team Badges)
​These stickers ALWAYS have the crest off-centre, so it was a delight to finally find one which is in the right place! Prices for this vary from £3.00 to £5.00.

And again, the set gallery can be seen HERE.

‘Football Shields (Rounded-sides, Team Badges)’
​And here’s one from a series which catalogues at around £3.00 each.

The set gallery can be seen HERE.


BAB shield gold edgeB.A.B. SOUVENIR CO.
‘Football Shields (Gold edges and nicknames)’
​And finally one from the VERY RARE series which is worth rather more at around £5.00.

And the gallery for this set can be seen HERE.


‘Century Series of Sticker Stamps’ – ‘Club Crests and Colours’
Much like the Sun Soccer Stamp collection, here is one from B.A.B. that I had never heard of together with the ‘header’ of the sheet that it came from! I’ve only ever seen a couple of these but it still came very cheaply at just £2.00.

BAB sticker sheet365   BAB Century stamp

A complete sheet of these tiny stamps can be seen on Nigel Mercer‘s website HERE.

‘Star Soccer Sides’
(Trade Ref: DAF-11 / DAI-410)
Set of 100
These nice trade cards are very easy to find and can be had on eBay for as little as £1.00 each in beautiful condition. I include here two extra cards from this set in the form of the Northern Ireland and Wales teams lining up during the 1970 Home International Championship games. The Irish side features Jimmy Nicholson (2nd from the right), whilst the Welsh line-up includes Dick Krzywicki (4th from the left, with football at his feet). Krzywicki actually scored in this game on 18th April 1970, putting Wales ahead against England before Francis Lee equalised.

Mirrorcard front     Mirrorcard backMIRRORCARD NI front  MIRRORCARD NI backMIRRORCARD Wales front  MIRRORCARD Wales back

The set gallery for the above cards can be found on Nigel Mercer‘s website HERE.

‘My Club’
(Trade Ref: DAI-400)
Set of 100
And the much larger ‘redemption’ card which is NOT as rare as some catalogues might have you believe. The catalogue value is around £15.00 but these can be had for about £5.00 if you’re lucky.

Daily Mirror redemption card

Again, a gallery of all of the cards in this set can be seen on Nigel Mercer‘s website HERE.

Set of 500
These paper stamps can be picked up for pennies and there are six in the set featuring Town, all of which appear here.

I also have a completed album.


Badge   FA Cup   Team   Cherry   Doherty   Nicholson

7. 1st Division Crests
94. FA Cup Winners
108. 1st Division Teams
268. 1st Division Captains: Trevor Cherry
413. N. Ireland Star Players: ​Peter Doherty
419. N. Ireland Star Players: Jimmy Nicholson

Wizard Nicholson stickerD. C. THOMSON & CO. LTD.
‘The Wizard All Stars’
Set of 18
This sticker of Jimmy Nicholson is from sheet 1, published on February 27th and free in issue #55. It was designed to be stuck on a wall chart and is worth about £2.00 only.




‘Soccer Map’
​Two more items cut from a printed map – not true stickers and probably virtually worthless.

Texaco Soccer Map team   Texaco Soccer Map crest

‘Football Club Badges’
(Trade Ref: ESV-3)
Set of 76
These beautiful little embossed card badges were designed to be stuck onto a fold-out card album. I have tracked down an advert for this set from the old Football League Review which used to appear in football programmes at the time. As you will see, they were available two at a time whenever the driver filled-up at an ESSO station.

ESSO set
Nowadays they can be had as cheap as chips at around £1.00 each. I also have a complete album.
ESSO badges advert

The set gallery of these stickers can be seen on Nigel Mercer‘s superb website HERE.

‘My Favourite Soccer Stars’
(Trade Ref: IBP-3)
Set of 160
These cards were issued with three different comics and as a result they have slightly differing trade references: those issued with LION & THUNDER are IBP-3-2; TIGER issues are IBP-3-4; and VALIANT & TV 21 are IBP-3-5. Each will cost you about a £1.00 or even less if you are lucky.

IPC Krzywicki front  IPC Krzywicki back  IPC Worthington front  IPC Worthington back  IPC McGill front  IPC McGill back  IPC Cherry front  IPC Cherry back  IPC Dobson front  IPC Dobson back

Set galleries can be found on Nigel Mercer‘s website for the cards issued with TIGER and VALIANT & TV 21.

‘1st Division Football League Club Badges’
(Trade Ref: MJZ-22 / TNA-18)
Set of 24
This is the easy version of this card to find. Always available on eBay and at card fairs, this trade card will cost as little as £1.00.

Mister Softee front   Mister Softee back

And here’s the SET GALLERY on Nigel Mercer‘s wonderful website.

‘1st Division Football League Club Badges’
(Trade Ref: MJZ-22 / TNA-18)
Set of 24
This one, on the other hand, is extremely difficult to find and when you do you can expect to pay as much as £10.00.

Mister Softee front   Lord Neilson back

‘Book Of Football Top Teams’
Set of 320 (+44 pre-printed)
​These paper trade items were issued in sheets in the middle of the weekly magazine and were designed to be stuck into an album. 44 were pre-printed in the album, Worthington and Hutt being examples. They are becoming more and more difficult to find at a reasonable price. These are actually cataloguing now at an amazing £3.00 each.

* I have included here a sticker of Ian Ross in his days as a Liverpool player.

Chapman  Cherry  Clarke  Ellam  Hoy  Hutt  Jones  Krzywicki  Lawson D  Lawson J  Mahoney    Nicholson  Smith  Worthington

Nicholson NIre  Ross

‘SHOOT All Star Line-Up’
These double-sided items were cut out from the magazine and made into a booklet. The autographs were pre-printed and given away free on separate sheets; you had to glue them into the space provided. Three Town players were present: Cherry (page 16), Hutt (page 60) and Worthington (page 112), unfortunately not one of them in colour! Complete pages catalogue at about £1 each.
Shoot! Cherry
Shoot! Hutt
Shoot! Worthington

1971 A&BC Purple back packetA&BC GUM
‘Footballer (Did You Know? 1-109)’
(Trade Ref: ABF-49)
Set of 109
These are also known as the ‘purple backs’ and this first batch featured five Town players, all of whom are shown here. They are also notable for featuring the orange ‘away’ kit that Town began to wear at this time but why couldn’t they find photographs of them in the home kit? This has always frustrated and annoyed me… Cards catalogue at £2.00 each and can be hard to find in good condition as most of them tend to have battered corners and edges nowadays.

Clarke front   Clarke back

Worthington front   Worthington back

Nicholson front   Nicholson back

Krzywicki front   Krzywicki back

Cherry front   Cherry back

‘Footballer (Did You Know? 110-219)’
(Trade Ref: ABF-49)
Set of 110
These are the supplementary set of ‘purple backs’ and which featured a further four Town players and still catalogue at the same price as the first batch. It’s also pleasing to see that they have actually found some ‘home’ kit pictures.

Lawson D front   Lawson D back

Hutt front   Hutt back

Ellam front   Ellam back

McGill front   McGill back

‘Footballer (Did You Know? 220-290)’
(Trade Ref: ABF-49)
Set of 71
The final release of ‘purple backs’ saw another four Town players but these are a little more expensive being catalogued at £4.00, double the value of the previous releases.

Poole front   Poole backLawson J front   Lawson J backDobson front   Dobson backSmith front   Smith back

Galleries of all of the teams in the above set can be found on Nigel Mercer‘s website HERE.

Lawson deckleA&BC GUM
‘Footballer (Did You Know? Purple Back – ‘deckle-edge’)’
Set size unknown
These rather strange ‘deckle-edged’ cards were to be placed in confectionary packets (‘Lucky Bags’) rather than the bubble-gum packets; they seem to be only from the 110-219 series issue too. Marginally smaller than the standard issued cards, the information on the backs is exactly the same. These cards are, however, very much harder to find and typically catalogue around £4.00-£5.00 each if you were to find one and  wanted to buy it.

Hutt deckle  Ellam deckle  McGill deckle

1971 A&BC Crest packetA&BC GUM
‘Footballer Club Badges’
(Trade Ref: ABF-49-2-1 / AAB-295)
Set of 23
These were given free with this season’s ‘purple back’ cards. You had to send an 8p (!) Postal Order to buy the special album for these stamps. The set included 23 crests, being the remaining 20 First Division teams from 1970/71, the two teams promoted from the Second Division (Leicester City and Sheffield United), plus Cardiff City who finished 3rd in the Second Division. In the album Cardiff are stuck at the back, with the note “Always one of the leading clubs in the Second Division, Cardiff narrowly missed promotion last season”.

Badge sticker   Badge sticker back

A complete SET GALLERY of these can be found on Nigel Mercer‘s website.

1971 A&BC Superstars packetA&BC GUM
‘Footballer Superstars’
(Trade Ref: ABF-49-3 / AAB-390)
Set of 23
This very similar set was also given free with the ‘purple backs’ and as with the crests, you had to send an 8p (!) Postal Order to buy the special album for these stamps.

The 23 Superstars are from the 23 clubs featured in the Crests (above). In the album you stuck the Crest and the Superstar alongside the club information.

Prices for these vary between £1.00 and £5.00 these days.

Nicholson sticker front     Nicholson sticker back

A SET GALLERY is available for these too.

BAB rosette.jpgANONYMOUS
‘Football Rosettes’
Set size unknown
And finally, a sticky-back rosette which is quite possibly B.A.B., but no-one is 100% sure about this so until we can discover more I’ll leave it as ‘anonymous’. Catalogue value varies from around £3 to £4. There is also a very similar one out there which I have only ever seen once, which has the blue ribbon on the top of the two sticking out at bottom right rather than the white one (see my WANTED section

LETTS Football DiaryLETTS
‘1971 Football Diary’
This is simply a page extracted from the above named publication and it may actually have been released in late 1970 ready for Christmas/New Year 1971 market. Keen observers will notice that it is the very same picture as used in Purnell’s ‘Football Champions’ book of Christmas 1970, with the horrendously inserted ‘unscaled’ head of Dick Krzywicki, as seen HERE.

1970s tudor crisps rosette badgeTUDOR CRISPS
‘Soccer Fans League’ pin badge
Set size unknown (20 known)
These enormous (7cm x 8cm) plastic badges were issued in the early 1970s. I can’t tie them down to a particular year/season but I am certain that they would be when Town were a First Division team. I cannot be precise though because the set includes both Town and Carlisle who were never in the 1st Division at the same time. Other badges in the series included Scots and Irish teams so it’s a bit of an eclectic collection. Bought on eBay for £10.00, this is the only example of this badge that I have ever seen and I have also added it to my BADGES section.

You can read more about – and see more examples of – this set of badges on Alan Jenkins’ website HERE.