Cards & Stickers: 1972

Town were still members of the First Division at the beginning of the year, but by May 1972 they finished bottom of the table with just six wins all season and were subsequently relegated back to the Second Division.

WrapperTOP SELLERS LTD. (Panini)
‘Football 72’
(Trade Ref: TNX-4)
Set of 420
These trade cards – an early effort by Panini of Italy – make a nice set and are not too difficult to track down. It’s also good to see the very popular Town ‘away’ kit of red and black stripes in amongst the rather shabbier orange. They catalogue at about £1 each. And a very rare packet for this series, advertising six cards for just 3p!

Lawson D front  Lawson D back  Poole front  Poole back  Clarke front  Clarke back  Hutt front  Hutt back  Cherry front  Cherry back  Ellam front  Ellam back  Nicholson front  Nicholson back  Greenhalgh front  Greenhalgh back  Krzywicki front  Krzywicki back  McGill front  McGill back  Mahoney front  Mahoney back  Dobson front  Dobson back  Smith front  Smith back  Worthington front  Worthington back  Lawson J front  Lawson J back

Galleries of every team in this set can be found on Nigel Mercer‘s marvellous website HERE.

image‘Fotboll 72’
Set of 353
There were only two Town players in this Swedish version of the set, populated as it was (obviously) by Swedes. I am guessing that the meaning of the text remained the same as for the English versions. These are, of course, far more expensive than their English counterparts; you can expect to pay £5 each even with damage like the Nicholson one of mine.

Fotboll72 Nicholson front   Fotboll72 Nicholson back

Fotboll72 Clarke front   Fotboll72 Clarke back

‘Football League Ladder Club Stickers’
Set of 44
One of four such sheets containing all of the then 1st and 2nd Division teams, given away free in packets of Shredded Wheat and to be used as part of an updateable ‘League Ladders’ system on the back of the box. These are very, very rare and can fetch silly prices although I paid only £5 for mine. More information – and the other three sheets of club stickers – can be found HERE.

You can see my collection of Team Tabs HERE.

Bartholomew crestBARTHOLOMEW
‘Football Towns Map’
This item is cut from a map of footballing towns and cities in 1972 and is almost worthless. In fact, it is only of interest because it shows the Supporters’ Club badge which often turns up on enamel.


WrapperA&BC GUM
(Trade Ref: ABF-50)
Set of 109
These are the last cards from this company to feature Town and we’re already down to only two representatives. Often referred to as the ‘red/orange backs’, these show that A&BC had also reverted to the idea of adding a ‘mystery’ answer on the back, revealed by rubbing a coin across the blank section and it’s hard to find cards which have not been rubbed. These two good quality cards are valued around £3.00 each.

Galleries of every team included in this set can be found on Nigel Mercer‘s website HERE.

Krzywicki front   Krzywicki back

Clarke front   Clarke back

‘Soccer Dip Football Shields’
Set size unknown
Since when have Town had bunnies and ‘W’s on their crest? Clearly B.A.B. were not bothered about realistic rams and castles and, as usual with this company, there is always more than one version, both of which catalogue at around £3.00.

A gallery of the known shields in this set can be found on Nigel Mercer‘s website HERE.

‘F. A. Cup Centenary 1872-1972 Medals’
(Trade Ref: ESV-2)
Set of 31
These were given away with petrol and I well recall pestering my father to fill up his car on a more regular basis as I endeavoured to complete this set of metal ‘medals’, each one featuring a past winner of the FA Cup as far back as its inception in 1872. There were 30 different teams to collect and then a ‘bronze’ medal was issued to celebrate the Centenary itself. The whole set was then pressed into a large board with attached booklet detailing the history of the Cup and the results of previous Finals. Nowadays the medals can be bought from eBay at around £1.50 each and you can even buy them complete with their original packets.

Esso medal   Esso medal packet
​I also have an A5 advert from the pages of Football League Review which was given away free in the football programmes of this period.
ESSO Medals advert

Super Stars coverD.C. THOMSON & CO. LTD.
‘Super Stars of ’72 (VICTOR)’
(Trade Ref: THO-253-2 / THO-675-2)
Set of 16
This trade card of Dick Krzywicki was issued as part of a sheet of 16 players on 26th February and you’ll have no trouble trying to find it as it’s very common.
The plastic wallet for this set of cards (featuring the Town badge on the inside) came with the same issue and is also shown here reduced in size. Interestingly, the wallet has a different trade reference of THO-253-1 / THO-675-1 and it catalogues at only £2.00.

Victor Krzywicki front   Victor Krzywicki backSuper Stars inner

A complete set of the cards in this set can be found on Nigel Mercer‘s wonderful website HERE.

‘Encyclopaedia of Association Football’
Another worthless cut-out which cost me £2.00 nevertheless.
(Grateful thanks to Paul Briers for identifying the publication)


Americana Munchen CherryAMERICANA / MUNCHEN
‘Soccer Parade 72’
Set of 340
This must be late 1972, as Cherry is seen in Town kit, but it says Leeds United in small print at the bottom right; he was transferred in June 1972.