Digital Cards: Base – Avocado

TOPPS (2017)
‘Topps Kick 18 PL’
Set size unknown
These are professionally produced and feature an official ‘TOPPS’ logo somewhere on the front. I am indebted to Phil Arnfield for providing the vast majority of the images and for also explaining the categories into which they fit, which helps to make some sort of sense of these.

There are variations on the ‘base’ cards – White, Iron, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Avocado, etc. – and you can play the cards in weekly contests (like Fantasy Football) with the higher category (eg Gold) earning you more points. The clue with these ‘graded’ cards is to check the colour of the number at the left margin – it increases with each level you go up.
The ‘base’ list comprises 15 players per team.

*In late October 2017 Topps re-issued all of the Jørgensen ‘cards’ using his nickname ‘Zanka’

Kachunga AVOCADO   Mounie AVOCADO   Zanka Avocado