Digital Cards: Panini


Long-time sticker giants Panini released an ‘online’ album populated with ‘virtual’ stickers for the UEFA 2016 Euros but no Town players featured in that set. However, two years later they produced another such album for the FIFA 2018 World Cup in Russia and this time Town’s Australian midfielder Aaron Mooy was included. Once you had collected the sticker in your album, clicking on it brought up a larger version…

PANINI WC2018 Mooy

… and you could then click again to reveal his statistics…

PANINI WC2018 Mooy statistics

Level guideIn April 2018 Panini also released a smartphone/android app called ‘FIFA Trader‘. It was like the ‘TOPPS Kick’ app in that you opened digital packs with virtual coins and then traded with other users. It had a World Cup 2018 collection with all of the teams. There were eighteen players per team but there also six ‘levels’ (see right) so that each player appeared six times. The ‘cards’ were in a similar style to the stickers but featured players in action poses. And, as a bonus, the picture used for each ‘level’ was different.

Aaron Mooy and Mathias ‘Zanka’ Jørgensen were Town’s only representatives and I’ll add them here as soon as Phil Arnfield supplies me.

Level 1: ‘OPAL’

Zanka  Zanka verso