Foreign cards & stickers

Over the years, Town have appeared on a number of cards and paper items produced by countries other than the UK. In the main, these cards are generally nicer in appearance, often using unusual or unique images of players, but the down-side is that they are also generally rather harder to acquire. Some, particularly the Brazilian or Italian 1962 World Cup items, seem to fetch ridiculous prices – when you can find them – whilst others are often reasonably priced.

Anyway, for what it’s worth, here are the ones that I have. Yes, they are already on the website, presented within their respective years, but I thought it would be nice to also show these as a collection. Enjoy.



‘Figures Sportives’ (c1947)
Set size unknown
Very little is known about this set although it is clear that Jimmy Glazzard featured as ‘card’ 86. The white border at the bottom suggests that it might have been cut from a larger sheet. The date is approximate and Alan Jenkins knows of a few others HERE.



EDITORIA VECCHI Wilson versoEDITORIA VECCHI Wilson frontFutebol Mundial 1962′
​Set of 232
This item is very similar to the Italian-produced Edito Lampo set (below) with two major differences: this one is a paper rather than card item and has text to the verso; and unlike the Italian version the front is unnumbered. In fact, the number has simply been removed and the name has not been re-centred. As you can see, mine has some significant damage to the verso where it has been removed from an album otherwise the value would have been well in excess of £50.
You can read a little more about this set on Alan Jenkins’ great site HERE.

CAMPOS WilsonCAMPOS Wilson versoJ. D. CAMPOS (1962)
‘Campeonato Mundial De Futbol 1962’
​Set of 325
This paper sticker is almost identical to the one produced by Fher in Spain but can be identified by the fact that the text on the front is in a different typeface and, of course, this one has a printed verso.​ These are almost impossible to find and therefore very expensive indeed. I acquired this for a very reasonable £20.
You can see more details of this album on Alan Jenkins’ website by clicking HERE.


Right. Before we start, I know that the flag here is NOT for ALL of the Channel Islands – it’s for Guernsey only – and there are those who will question the ‘foreign’ nature of the Islands, but I’m going for it, OK?

‘Islanders Fags Specials Clubs’ (1924)
Set of 50
Catalogues sometimes list these as being issued in 1928 but it’s more likely to be 1924, given that most of the football teams covered on the cards are dated 1924. The Town team shown at right is clearly dated 1923-24. ​This is a lovely example of a coloured card and can be quite hard to find although it is very inexpensive; you can expect to pay around £4 to £5 when you do find one.


WILLS Lythgoe CI backWILLS Lythgoe frontW. D. & H. O. WILLS
‘Association Footballers (frame on back)’ (1935)
Set of 50
A very common cigarette card, this is the Channel Island issue which is identified by the fact that the address information normally found at the top of the back is missing.

Chile flagCHILE


L.Q.L. (LERIA QUEMADA LAYA) San Diego, 2028 (1962)
1962 LQL CHILE Wilson‘Calugas y Chicles Mundial’
Set of 352 stickers
#220. Ramon Wilson
A very, VERY rare unused sticker of Town’s Ray Wilson which is one of only two cards or stickers – that I am aware of – to use his full given name (he was named after 1920s-30s actor Ramon Novarro). This came to me for £35.00 via Carl Wilkes. Enjoy it – you’ll never see one again, of that I am quite sure!
You can read a little more about this rare set on Alan Jenkins’ website by clicking HERE.

Croatia flagCROATIA


2018 TALENT SHOW 107 Mooy verso2018 TALENT SHOW 107 Mooy‘Rusija 2018’
357 stickers
#107. Mooy
I was lucky to get this sticker from an online swap site in exchange for one of many spare stickers that I already had. Completely unavailable in this country. You can see the full listings of this set on Alan Jenkins‘ website HERE together with a seriously annoying TV advert video!

APSOLUT VELPRO 2018 Gooolmania Mooy backAPSOLUT VELPRO 2018 Gooolmania MooyAPSOLUT VELPRO (2018)
‘Gooolmania 2018’
349 stickers
#101. Mooy (Australija)
I am indebted to Josip Prolic of Croatia who kindly sent me this sticker free gratis. Completely unavailable in the UK, I had given up all hope of ever nailing one.

2018 TEKMA RUSSIA 2018 Mooy & Jedinak back2018 TEKMA RUSSIA 2018 Mooy & JedinakTEKMA (2018)
‘Russia 2018’
339 stickers
#134. Mooy & Jedinak
This sticker is almost identical to the Serbian FRIENDS & DREAMS issue (see below) except that the players’ positions are written in English at the top, as is the text on the back of the sticker. Very rare indeed; I acquired mine through swapping on the brilliant website.



WILLS Willingham frontWILLS Willingham back EireW. D. & H. O. WILLS
‘Association Footballers’ (1939)
Set of 50
Another very common cigarette card which certainly will not break the bank, this card of Ken Willingham was issued in Eire and is recognisable by the missing information on the back about the other Wills products and the fact that the card is gummed.


‘Famous Footballers (Series A.2)’ (1954)
(Trade Ref: DEV-3-3 / DEV-060-3)
Set of 50
These Republic of Ireland trade cards were the same as the Barratt set issued in the UK with the Barratt details on the back replaced with details for Liam Devlin & Son, Ltd. They can also be found officially trimmed to fit into smaller packets of sweet cigarettes. These cards are much harder to find, a fact reflected in their higher prices of £20 for the complete card and £18 for the trimmed one.

DEVLIN Staniforth front  DEVLIN Staniforth back    DEVLIN Staniforth cut front  DEVLIN Staniforth cut back

DEVLIN Staniforth trimmed backDEVLIN Staniforth trimmed frontLIAM DEVLIN & SONS LTD.
‘Famous Footballers (Series A.3)’ (1955)
(Trade Ref: DEV-3-4 / DEV-060-4)
Set of 50
As in the previous year, these cards were again licensed to Liam Devlin in the Republic of Ireland. Staniforth has moved from 31 to 9 and Glazzard appears as card 4. I know that the ‘larger’ complete Staniforth variety is out there somewhere, as are the Glazzard variations but I haven’t been able to find them – yet.



GREILING small backGREILING small frontGREILING & CO., DRESDEN (Cigarettes)
‘Football Moments’ (1928)
Set size unknown
I am not entirely sure if this date is correct although I suspect it MUST be right as the card shows the Cup Final of that year, so would need to be current. And, for the sake of accuracy, it needs to be pointed out that Blackburn did NOT play in red, but rather a navy blue shirt. Also, as can be seen below, there are TWO varieties of this card featured in two different series. Translation of the German text is roughly “Before the English Cup Final, 1928. The captains Healless (Blackburn Rovers) and Stephenson (Huddersfield Town) shake hands. Rovers won 3:1″​
This is a pair of very rare cards, in this country at any rate; the larger of the two cards cost me £18, the smaller one – which is paper thin – cost £6.50. It seems that there was also a token at the bottom of the larger card which has been torn off, making it incomplete.


‘Football Set 1’ (1930)
Set size unknown
This rare card (in this country, anyway) deserves a bit of an explanation because it is a ‘friendly’ against a Leipzig ‘Select XI’. My research shows that this game was played the day after Town had lost 2-3 to Sparta Prague on 25th May 1929. GREILING backThis dates the action on the card precisely to 26th May, 1929.
The text translates as follows …
​”Football Set 1 – Image #65
Association of German East Midlands Ball-Game Clubs 5 – Huddersfield Town 3
Kraus slots home the third goal for the AGEMBGC in magnificent fashion.
All packets now include recent sport images
Up to the 31 Dec 1930 we will swap Coin Images as previously, or else a new Sport Image 1:1 for a Coin Image.”

(Trade Ref: M812-500/21336-02)
Set size unknown
These cards are from the same set, but the one on the right is a reprint and came at a time when there was an Album ‘B’ on release, hence this one advertises the fact that it was from Album ‘A’. Apparently it was not unusual for German cards to be reprinted with slight differences; this one clearly has different backs and a slightly larger and fainter picture. Technically the first card is Collector Album 1, card 5, whilst the second is classed as Album ‘A’, card 5. The text translates as “Goodal, (sic) of Huddersfield Town, is the most expensive football player in the world. Woolwich Arsenal offered 250,000 marks in transfer fee for this outstanding defender.”

MONOPOL Goodall1 front  MONOPOL Goodall1 back     MONOPOL Goodall2 front  MONOPOL Goodall2 back



‘Match Attax 2017/18’ (2018)
Set of 250+ cards?
This set was issued in February 2018 and Town featured, although the numbering and presentation was different to the UK 2017 issue. Gone was the laser-etched ‘shiny’ for the crest but the border of the Mooy ‘Star Player’ card is gold rather than silver. In addition, both cards are printed on low grade card, the backs being rough to the touch rather than the glossy card of the UK issue. You can see all of the cards that I have from this set by visiting my 2018 section.

208 Mooy   228 Crest



LAMPO Wilson variationLAMPO WilsonEDITO LAMPO
‘Calcio Mondiale 1962’ (1962)
Set of 244
A very similar style of card to the Brazilian issue by EDITORIA VECCHI (see previously), this set was made up of cards as opposed to paper items. As usual, the kit has been ‘enhanced’ and the badge is the one used for the English League vs Italian League match played at Old Trafford on 8th November 1961 although in reality it was just blue stitching and not multi-coloured as shown here. Again there was an album for collectors to glue them into and they are very, very hard to find nowadays in this country. Unlike the Brazilian issue the cards in this set are numbered on the front and the backs are a plain creamy colour. I have included two cards here, with a not so subtle difference – the one on the left is the standard issue with the flags to the base and left edge and it cost me £30; the card on the right has flags to the base and right edge and is highly unusual, hence its £40-£50 price tag.

LAMPO Wilson pairAnd from the same series comes this incredibly rare ‘pair’ card featuring Wilson and Chilean defender Carlos Contreras. This card came from eBay for a real bargain price of just £20, a steal when you consider the price paid for the individual cards already discussed.


‘Cile 1962 Mondiali Di Calcio’ (1962)
Set of 272
Again, another item which was completely unavailable in this country – at any price! Like the Edito Lampo series, this was a card rather than a paper sticker and it is blank-backed. Although you will find cards from this series on eBay for as little as a couple of euros, you certainly won’t find any England players, least of all this one of Ray Wilson. Keen-eyed collectors will also have noticed that his name has been mis-spelled as ‘MILSON’.
​You can read more about this set on Alan Jenkins’ site HERE.

SAN GIORGIO Calciatori Di Tutto Il Mundo WilsonSAN GIORGIO (Florence)
‘Calciatori Di Tutto Il Mondo’ (1963)
Set of 176
Another much sought-after plain-backed card, this Italian card was part of set celebrating the best footballers in the world. That makes it rather an unusual card in that it’s NOT from a World Cup year. As with the above cards for the 1962 World Cup, the kit and the background have been heavily re-touched giving it an almost surreal effect. The wrapper was quite a simple, plain affair. As an aside, I’m guessing that it’s probably the very last card to feature Ray Wilson in an England shirt when he was still a Town player (he moved to Everton in the summer of 1964). More details about this card and other similar series can be found HERE – in Italian! I bought this very cheaply at £10.00.



‘Voetbal-techniek en tactiek (Football Technique and Tactics)’ (1933)
Set size unknown
Basically, one of a series of instructional cards for budding footballers, this card focuses on the technique of Town goalkeeper Hughie Turner in a game against Arsenal. Points are made about his outstretched legs and the fact that one arm punches whilst the other protects his body. The Arsenal player second-from-left is David Jack, for whom Arsenal paid more than £10,000. This card shows up quite regularly these days on eBay.


’40 Sporten en Spelen in Woord en Beeld’ (1954)
Set of 40
144. Green (Birmingham), Hooper (West Ham), Bill McGarry (Town) and Robb (Tottenham). The Dutch roughly translates as: “144. Even masters must keep up. English footballers do ball exercises. One of 150 splendid colour photographs in the large Blue Band Sportbook ’40 Sports and Games in Words and Pictures.” The date is an approximation based on the players illustrated and although this item is not catalogued I paid £5.00 for it.

BLUE BAND front   BLUE BAND back



‘Sports Champions’ (1935)
Set of 50
This harder-to-find New Zealand issue cigarette card is identified by the title in 2 lines. It is the penultimate one of the set and will cost you about £3 in good condition.




​’Sports Series (A)’ (1928)
(Trade Ref: T365-650)
Set size unknown
TIEDEMANNS backThis is a really rare pair of cards, these cost me £20 each several years ago, but you can expect to pay in excess of £30 if you find any nowadays. As you can see, the cards fit together to make one longer shot. The text translates roughly as “One more picture in the series completes the team Huddersfield Town. In recent years, Norway have been visited by professional British football teams. This year, the most talked about team is definitely Huddersfield Town, who to date have produced the best performance by a team on a Norwegian field, and are the leading side in English professional football.”


​For the record, Town players are (left-right) Raw, Goodall, Turner, Smith, Kelly, Wilson (T), Dent, Jackson, Devlin, Barkas and Redfern (or Smailes?) Town toured Scandinavia in 1928, where they beat Bergen 4-0 and Oslo 9-2 in Norway at the end of May; then in early June they played three games against Copenhagen, in Denmark, winning two by 6-1 and the other game 3-1. No wonder the Norwegians were impressed by them!



​’Campeonato Mundial de Futbol de 1962 Chile’ (reprint)
​Set of 256
This sticker of Town’s Ray Wilson is from a reprinted set and can usually be found complete with the respective album on eBay. Mine, however, was bought as an individual sticker and cost just over £2.00 which could be deemed expensive, I don’t know, but as it was the only one I’ve ever seen, I feel that it was worth it.
​You can read all about this set HERE.

Serbia flagSERBIA


FRIENDS & DREAMS 134 Mooy Jedinak versoFRIENDS & DREAMS 134 Mooy Jedinak‘Russia 2018’
294 stickers
As far as I know, only one sticker in this set featured any Town players, and here it is; Aaron Mooy together with Australian colleague Mile Jedinak of Aston Villa. Upon closer inspection with a magnifying glass it would seem that Jedinak’s facial hair has been heavily re-touched if not to say painted on! 🙂
It was almost identical to the TEKMA (Croatia) sticker (see above).



‘Campeonato Mundial de Fútbol 1962 Chile’
Set of 325
These were the pre-Panini and pre-FKS stickers of the early 1960s and as such were simply blank-backed paper items to be stuck into a collector book. They are very nice but the images are usually rather ‘basic’, with the kits often hand-coloured. It’s a very 1960s style but the addition of the flag and name at an angle makes these stickers rather appealing – to my eyes, anyway! Ridiculously expensive if you can find them although I bought mine very cheaply at £5.00 (Identified by Carl Wilkes of RARECARDS.CO.UK)



‘Engelska Ligan Div.1 1937-1938’
22 postcards

HTAFC 1937-38(Back, l-r) Brown, Chivers, Hesford, Johnson, Craig, Boot.
(Front, l-r) Willingham, Hayes, Lythgoe, Hastie, Barclay and Beasley.

I have included this postcard here simply because it is part of a collectable set of 22 showing all the teams in the English First Division. This postcard has a hand-written message on the back in Swedish and postally used on 24th June 1938. Handily, the players’ names are printed on the photograph.
I have also included this in my 1930s Team Photographs section.

‘Fotboll 72’ (1972)
Set of 353
These cards are exactly the same pictures as the Panini ‘Top Sellers ’72’ that were issued in the UK although the backs and the numbering system have changed. This is because the album focuses on Swedish teams and players, then adding in two or three players from each of the English First Division sides of that season; Clarke and Nicholson are the only Town representatives. These are very rare (in this country) and cost me £5, even when damaged.

Fotboll72 Nicholson front   Fotboll72 Clarke front   Fotboll72 Clarke back

Switzerland flagSWITZERLAND


213 WC sticker Australia GOLDPANINI (2018)
‘FIFA World Cup Russia 2018: Gold Edition’
682 stickers
This set is identical to the standard UK edition except that the borders of all the stickers – and the album itself – are golden. The back of each sticker also has a small symbol containing a tiny outline of Switzerland and the words ‘GOLD EDITION’. These were quite hard to find and I like them better than the UK issue.

222 WC sticker Mooy GOLD     259 WC sticker Zanka GOLD     259 WC sticker Zanka GOLD verso

‘Sammelalbum 2018’
#144. Mooy
Aaron Mooy is the only Town player to appear in this Swiss set of stickers. Hard to find and will become quite a collector’s item, I found this on eBay for just £1.00!




‘2017-18 Select Soccer’ (2017)
Set size of 300 base cards (+ parallel versions)
​This set had three separate ‘sections’ to it, with 100 cards in the ‘Terrace’ set, 100 in the ‘Mezzanine’ set and 100 in the ‘Field Level’ set. These cards were then supplemented with other sub-sets. Town’s Australian midfielder Aaron Mooy appeared as card number 162 in the ‘Mezzanine’ sub-set but it isn’t as simple as him appearing on just the one card; no, he appeared on no fewer than THIRTEEN almost identical cards, some of which were significantly harder to find.

Here is the ‘baseSilver Prizm card.

162 Mooy SILVER PRIZM 162 Mooy LIGHT BLUE Die Cut verso

You can see all the cards that I have up to now by visiting my 2017 section and you can also learn about all of the cards in this set on Alan Jenkins’ wonderful site HERE.

‘FIFA World Cup Russia 2018 PRIZM’ (2018)
300 base cards
#272 Aaron Mooy (Australia)
And they were at it again the following Spring, with this release of 300 ‘base’ cards each of which had a further TWENTY-TWO parallel cards identified by the border design. I only have a few of these.

272 Mooy BLUE RED WAVE   272 Mooy Prizm verso

‘Premier Gold 2017/18’
Set of 150 base cards – and then Limited Editions and further sub-sets
In February 2018 Topps launched this set of cards in the USA. Many of them filtered down into the UK through collectors/sellers buying up cases of them and then moving on their spares. The ‘base’ set was made up of 150 cards which them had ‘parallel’ sets with green, red and yellow flashes in increasing levels of difficulty to find. Beyond this was the ‘Terrace Hero’ sub-set of 20 cards, again with Limited Edition parallel cards where greens were xx/99, reds xx/25 and yellow 1/1; the ‘Premier Elite’ sub-set of 10 cards with similar parallel cards; the ‘Team Leader’ sub-set of 20 cards with same parallel cards; the ‘Premier Gold Autograph’ sub-set of 20 cards and similar parallel cards.
This again could be very expensive if your players featured across the lot – luckily for me, Town didn’t!

As far as the scans go, I’m afraid that the ‘gold’ effect doesn’t scan very well – the diagonal stripe at the bottom right of each card is gold, as is the player’s first name and also the EPL lion at top right. I have only included a couple of the ‘base’ cards here – you can see all of the cards that I have in this set by clicking HERE.

Lowe BASE   Ince BASE

You can see the complete list of players involved on Alan Jenkins’ site HERE.

2018 Premier League Platinum
100 base cards + ‘parallel’ cards and sub-sets
In April Topps released yet another set of ludicrously priced cards and again only abroad. These filtered down to the UK market although I bought many of mine from a contact in China. Each Premier League team was ‘awarded’ five cards in the ‘base’ set, with subsequent ‘parallel’ and ‘chase’ cards. As well as the difference in the coloured ‘flash’ the ‘parallels’ could be identified by a gold embossed number at the bottom left on the front. Also, as with Topps’ ‘Premier Gold’ set, the verso of each ‘parallel’ card was exactly the same as for the standard ‘base’ card. You can see all of my cards from this set HERE.

50 Schindler   Schindler verso

On Demand – Set 5 – Premier League Inspired by ’77 Footballer series (2019)
20 base cards
20. Aaron Mooy
Released on Thursday March 28th and available only from their website for seven days, this was the fifth set in an on-going multi-sport series and it had a “retro” feel by reproducing the style of the “’77 Footballer” series cards. Each pack contained 26 cards: the entire 20-card ‘base’ set (one per EPL team), 2 ‘parallel’ cards, 3 ‘chase’ cards (one each of Top Trios, Elite Keepers and Best of Premier League XI) and 1 ‘autograph’ card, all of which would cost you £25.00. The obligatory ‘parallels’ were numbered thus: Blue (unnumbered); Red (#/10); Black (#/5); and Gold (1/1).

2019 TOPPS On Demand Footballer 77 - 20 Mooy     2019 TOPPS On Demand Footballer 77 - 20 Mooy back

‘Donruss Soccer’ (2019)
319 base cards (5808 including all ‘parallels’)
#DT-10. Aaron Mooy: 1989 Donruss Tribute
Mooy was included as an Australian as this set pulled in star players both male and female from every major footballing continent. The lettering and logo on the front was gold which doesn’t show up well here, I’m afraid. As well as the ‘base’ cards there were parallels of Silver (unnumbered), Blue (#/10), Gold (#/75) and Purple (1/1). The back was the same regardless of the variation of card.

2019 DONRUSS DT-10 Mooy Base     2019 DONRUSS DT-10 Mooy back

You can see any variations of this card that I have by clicking HERE.



ANONYMOUS (Yugoslavia)
Set unknown
Set size unknown
ANON Staniforth YugoslavianThe only thing that I know about this tiny card is that it was produced in Yugoslavia for the 1954 Switzerland World Cup. It shows Town player Ron Staniforth and he is card #1207. Mark Hughesdon has had a go at translating the text and it would seem that the first word at the left is “REPRESENTS”; the word sloping upwards to the right is “ENGLAND” and the word across the bottom is the player’s name, “STANIFORTH”. Well done and thank you, Mark!
​It cost me £20 and I would guess that it is unique nowadays.

ANONYMOUS (Yugoslavia)
Set unknown
Set size unknown
ANON Staniforth SerbianAnd here’s another almost identical card although slightly larger but obviously using the same image. Once again I am jumping to the conclusion that it was made for a 1954 WC album – although England did actually play Yugoslavia in a friendly match in May prior to that tournament – and this time I have done my own research on the writing which is in Serbian and translates as “Stenforth, England”. The numbering is also different; this one is #838.
I would guess that this is once again a very, very rare card and I was pleased to acquire it for £30.00 in 2017.


FRIENDS & DREAMS 134 Mooy Jedinak verso