Greetings Cards

I suppose that I have pretty much reached the bottom of the barrel when I need to include these, but on the other hand they can be considered legitimate collectable items. As to value, well, I’ll leave that to you. Cards are not shown full size; as a rough guide the images are approximately half-size.

And if you have any that I don’t have I’ll be only too glad to hear from you!

1952 Christmas card

1952 Official Club Christmas card
“The best of Good Wishes for your Happiness at Christmas and Prosperity throughout the Coming Year from The Directors, Officials and Players of the Huddersfield Town F.C.”

1970 Christmas

1970 Official Club Christmas card
“With all Good Wishes for Christmas and the New Year.
​Huddersfield Town A.F.C. Ltd.”

1980s Christmas

1980s Official Club Christmas card
“Leeds Road, Huddersfield – Christmas 1927.”
​”Seasons Greetings and Good Wishes for the New Year from The Directors, Staff and Players of Huddersfield Town Football Club”

c2005 Birthday

c2005 birthday card
​(from the club shop)

2006-7 Birthday

2006-07 birthday card
​(from the club shop)

2008 Christmas

2008 Official Club Christmas card
“From all at Huddersfield Town”

2012 Christmas

2012 Christmas card
​(from the club shop)

2013 Musical

2013 musical greeting card
(from the club shop – plays ‘Smile Awhile’)

2014 Christmas

2014 Christmas card
(from the club shop)