In mid-2016 I started to issue newsletters to promote not only this site, but also to bring to people’s attention other sites that I consider important or interesting. If you have lost, missed or simply not received any of these, you can view them in PDF format here simply by clicking on the bold text.
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Newsletter #1: The inaugural newsletter which introduced various aspects of this website and also announced the new ‘Beer Bottle Labels’ section. (4th August 2016)

Newsletter #2: This newsletter announced my purchase of several 2012 ‘Match Attax’ cards of Town players which had been autographed; ‘Website Highlight’ first appeared, focusing on my 1914-15 Central League medal; ‘Another site you might like’ first appeared, featuring ‘Historical Football Kits’. Also new this time were ‘Auction Watch’ and ‘I wish that I had this …’ as well as ‘New Acquisitions’ and ‘For Sale‘. (26th August 2016)

Newsletter #3: This newsletter featured my unique telegram, Alan Jenkins’ Football Cartophilic Information Exchange website, ‘Auction Watch’, an autographed ‘Pinnace’ card in ‘I wish that I had this …’, ‘Latest Acquisitions’, ‘For Sale’ and a very rare, but tatty, autographed Blackburn Rovers card from 1926. (16th September 2016)

Newsletter #4: The featured website this time was ‘Pete’s Picture Palace’. All the usual categories appeared, including the announcement of the new ‘In Memoriam’ section. (8th October, 2016)

Newsletter #5: The featured website this time was ‘Nigel’s Webspace – Galleries of English and Scottish Football Cards – 1965/66 to 1979/80’. All the usual categories appeared, including the announcement of the new ‘At the Auctions’ section. (31st October, 2016)

Newsletter #6: Chris Lee’s wonderful ‘Biscuitmen: Reading FC History’ was the featured website this time, together with some very interesting Town auction items and results. The highlight of my website was the ‘Individual Collections’ section featuring lots of memorabilia pertaining to Jimmy Naylor, Harry Raw and Wayne Fairclough. (22nd November 2016)

Newsletter #7: There’s a bit of a ‘Baines’ theme running through this newsletter with reference to some of the cards that I have, some that I need and an excellent website packed with images. There’s also the usual stuff with new acquisitions and the result of the auction which featured Ron Staniforth’s 1954 World Cup participant’s medal.
(17th December, 2016)

Newsletter #8: This one was a bit ‘thin’ as not a lot had happened over the Christmas and New Year period, especially where auctions were concerned. The featured website was Steve Marsh’s wonderful ‘They Fly So High’ West Ham Utd. site, and I also announced three new ‘sections’ to my website. New acquisitions highlighted included the very rare and uncatalogued 1932 Teasdale ‘Footballers’ card of Roy Goodall. (8th January 2017)

Newsletter #9: The second newsletter of 2017 showed that the auctions had picked up significantly since the rather lean end to 2016. This edition’s featured website was my own ‘The Pinnace Collection’ and new items included a rare Baines card, a few magazine items and a few other odds and ends. (31st January 2017)

Newsletter #10: The featured website this time was Danny G’s wonderful ‘HTFC World’ which is a MUST for all Town fans with a sense of humour. New acquisitions included yet more clappers, a genuine c1970 leather keyfob with enamelled metal crest and a very, VERY rare 1951 SPORT card, and ‘Auction Watch’ featured a 1924 Dinner Menu that I forgot to bid on! Grrrrr! (22nd February 2017)

Newsletter #11: Paul Briers’ ‘Brentford Memorabilia’ was the featured website this time and the highlight of my own website was the section covering the FAC Finals that Town have appeared in. A couple more clappers, a 1950s pre-printed autographed card of Eddie Boot, a 2008 reprint of a 1962 Ray Wilson sticker and a Ken Taylor Benefit brochure were amongst the new acquisitions and an ‘autographed’ photocard of Skippy, the original ‘Town Terrier’, was ‘the one that got away’ in auctions. (11th March 2017)

Newsletter #12: The featured website this time was Jim Mechan’s ‘Ayr United Archive’ and the highlight from my own site was the PA Adolph ‘Subbuteo’ cards, specifically how they differ widely in value. Several interesting programmes appear in the Auction highlights and there’s news of my investing quite heavily in the Italian card market. (4th April 2017)

Newsletter #13: Carl Wilkes’ was the featured website this time and amongst the new items was a 1920s tram photograph, a lovely 1928 press photo of Town’s forward line, a 1984 wristwatch and more clappers. The featured set of general football cards was that of the 1926 ‘Famous Footer Internationals’ and ‘Herbert Chapman On Football’ was the recommended read. (1st May 2017)

Newsletter #14: The first in the slightly different format, this newsletter featured the NewsNow website, Greg Lansdowne’s Panini history book ‘Stuck On You’ and amongst my new acquisitions, the 1953 Chix card of Harold Hassall/Hassell, a rare c1927 Teasdale card and more clappers. The 1922 set of PALS ‘Football Series’ cards was featured too. (3rd May 2017)

Newsletter #15: GOT, NOT GOT was the featured website and Tony Ambrosen’s ‘The Illustrated Footballer’​ was my recommended read. Lots of new stuff was added and the feature on other cards centred upon the rare Topical Times ‘Football Teams’ 6-cards issue. (19th May 2017)

Newsletter #16: My website highlight this time was ‘Town fan at Kings Cross, 1930’; the worthy website was Sportspages, whilst the new acquisitions featured signed Match Attax cards, a 2007 keyring, a 1998 ‘Team Tab’ and some new clappers; I Wish That I Owned … a 1930s HTAFC teapot; the featured other football cards were the DC Thomson ‘British Team Of Footballers’ (1922); and my recommended read was Duncan Chilcott’s ‘The Hamlyn Guide To Football Collectables‘. Something for everyone! (5th June 2017)

Newsletter #17: Leslie Millman’s Manchester United FLICKR site was the ‘worthy’ website this time and the featured item was a 1926 newspaper article chronicling Town’s Triple Championship win; new additions included a 1959 Express Weekly cut-out of Denis Law that I had sought for many years, a set of cards commemorating Town’s Wembley Play-Off win and an old 1970’s programme binder; the 1922 ‘Lot-O’-Fun Sports Champions’ cards were covered as were the 1972 ESSO ‘FA Cup Medal Coins‘; the recommended read was Hunter Davies’ marvellous ‘Postcards From The Edge Of Football.’ (25th June 2017)

Newsletter #18: My website highlight was the collection of First Day Covers; the ‘worthy’ website was the ‘general’ collectors website of; ‘Auction Watch’ was back with the fate of the 1930s HTAFC teapot; latest acquisitions included yet another Barratt card of Billy Smith; the Amalgamated Press ‘Champion Famous Footballers’ album of 1930 also featured; and the recommended read was ‘Half-Time: Football and the Cigarette Card (1890-1940)‘ by David Thompson. (19th July 2017)

Newsletter #19: Football Stickipedia was the worthy website this time and Rob Jovanovic’s ‘Swap Yer!‘ was my recommended read. Cards and stickers were on the up with a couple of Panini issues featuring Aaron Mooy; the extremely rare Rutherford’s Cigarettes ‘Footballer’ cards were featured as was my Huddersfield ‘In Memoriam’ card, a rare Jack Howe sticker by Edizdidasco of Italy and a modern Bosun’s Beer pump clip! (6th August 2017)

Newsletter #20: Chris Lee’s Biscuitment Originals was the featured website and the old J.P.W. Mallalieu ‘Sporting Days’ was my recommended read. New additions covered were a Vic Metcalfe card by Empire, a Steve Mounié card in the Topps NOW ‘Premier League (2017-18)’ series and a few new posters from footy magazines. I also gave a brief introduction to the rare 1900 St Petersburg set of footballers and highlighted my missing Alex Jackson card from the 1928 set of Tucketts ‘Photos of Football Stars’. (28th August 2017)

Newsletter #21: Focus this time was on my Touchwud ‘Footer ‘charm, Football & The First World War website, a few auction items and the new TOPPS NOW cards which featured yet another Town player, Aaron Mooy. The 1936 ADVENTURE ‘Football Stamp Album’ was visited as was the official HATFC book of the 2016-17 promotion season, ‘#NOLIMITS’. (17th September 2017)

Newsletter #22: This issue’s ‘Worthy Website’ was Taddy Prominent Footballers, one of my other websites dealing with specific football cards; the special item was a 1932 railway handbill; latest acquisitions included an ‘error’ Match Attax card of Tommy Smith and a few more magazine posters; digital ‘cards’ were also referenced, and the ‘Recommended Read’ was R.J. Spiller’s ‘The Pinnace Collection’, a notoriously difficult book to find. (11th October 2017)

Newsletter #23: Items covered this time are Dick Parker’s wife’s 1920-21 season ticket, Paine Proffitt HTAFC artwork, more Topps cards, a rare Yugoslavian 1954 issued card, a ‘Town Ales’ beer bottle opener, the series of V.C.C. ‘Footballer’ cards and a fantastic Panini World Cup stickers book. (2nd November 2017)

Newsletter #24: Items covered this issue are two 1920s HTAFC enamel matchbox covers; the latest Town issues in the expensive Topps NOW! series and the upcoming Merlin stickers; there’s an amazing lot in the auction section; a 21st birthday card is on my radar; the focus is on Ripley Bros. of Brighouse – once my home town – and their ‘Jerseys & Shirts’ sets of the early 20th century; and the ‘Recommended Read‘ is ‘The Pinnace Collection: Huddersfield Town’ by Paul Days and yours truly! (28th November 2017)

Newsletter #25: There was a major focus on books this time – the ‘Recommended Read’ was ‘Soccer Memorabilia’​ by Graham Budd, whilst I also briefly reviewed the 1925 DC Thompson ‘ADVENTURE Book Of Cup Fighters (Part One)’ and the ‘Huddersfield Town Official Handbook 1908-1926’​ . Other items covered included the new Merlin ‘Premier League 2018’ stickers, the new Panini America ‘Select Soccer 2017’ series of – expensive! – die-cut cards, the V.C.C. set of footballer cards from the early 1920s, and the usual bits and bobs for sale. (21st December 2017)

Newsletter #26: This missive began with an explanation for the long delay in publication and the birth of this NEW website. There followed a look at the ‘Comptons Gravy Salts ‘Football Clubs’ sets of cards together with an appeal for the missing HTAFC one. My ‘Recommended Read’ was McElroy & MacDougall’s ‘Football Memorabilia’; new acquisitions included the 1970 HATFC photocard of Frank Worthington that had eluded me for years, a 1922 Pinnace medium card of Charlie Slade and a rare 1962 Brazilian JD Campos sticker of Ray Wilson. A £75 card of Bill Shankley (sic) and a lump of Leeds Road figured in my ‘Auction Watch’ section. (25th February 2018)

Newsletter #27: This time the Collection Highlight was a 2004 Play-Offs medal;  Latest Acquisitions included Topps NOW and Premier Gold 2017/18 cards, a 1920 Turton postcard, a NLER railway handbill for the 1928 FAC Final, a beer mat and magazine posters of Alex Pritchard and Terence Kongolo; Auction Watch returned with a 1995 Play-Off celebratory plate and a Triple Championship tankard; I Wish That I Owned This… featured the c1962 Webcosa ‘Football Bingo’ wax wrapper of Ray Wilson; Other Football Cards was the set of Bucktrout & Co. Ltd. (‘Islanders Fags’) ‘Specials Cards’ (1924) and my Recommended Read was  ‘Underdog’ by Raj Bains. (12th March 2018)

Newsletter #28: My Collection Highlight this time was a sheet of 1920-21 Huddersfield Town Autographs; Latest Acquisitions included Match Attax Extra, official HTAFC cards, Panini WC stickers and cards, a ‘Year of the Dog’ enamel badge and magazine posters of Jonas Lössl and Florent Hadergjonaj; Auction Watch featured an odd Huddersfield Town FA Cup Winners shield (but not really!); I Wish That I Owned This… featured the D.C. Thomson ‘Football Transfers’ (1924); Other Football Cards focused on D.C. Thomson Ltd., ‘Coloured Photos Of Star Footballers’ (1924); my Recommended Read was ‘The Worst Football Kits Of All Time’ by Dave Moor (2011) and some new items for sale. (1st April 2018)

Newsletter #29: The Collection Highlight was William Conway Smith’s 1948-49 Fixture Card; my Latest Acquisitions included two cards from the set of JF Sporting Collectibles’ Wartime Guests (2011), two ‘special’ programmes, a 1964-65 ‘Team Tab’, another 2018 Topps Now card, digital ‘cards’ and a couple of interesting magazine articles; Auction Watch featured a 1990 Mercury Paytelco phone card and George ‘Bomber’ Brown’s Triple Championship medals; I Wish That I Owned This… was a Parrish & Sons ‘Wetherdair Raincoats’ calendar card; the Other Football Cards were not really cards this time but DC Thomson ‘Footballers & Racing Cars’ (1923); and my Recommended Read was Jeff Stelling’s England’s Worst Footballers’ (2004). (22nd April 2018)

Newsletter #30: This edition’s Collection Highlight was my shirt-worn ‘Terrier’ badge and the history behind it; Latest Acquisitions included a 1933-34 team photograph, Topps ‘Platinum’ PL 2018 cards, a Lychgate Press card of Tom Ince, a Ray Wilson clapper and posters of Mooy, Kachunga and Ince; Auction Watch featured an autographed postcard of Billy Smith a FAC Runners-Up medal, some 1923-24 autographs and an expensive Mooy card; I Wish That I Owned This… was a selection of c1965-66 Huddersfield Town Official Player photo cards; Other Football Cards was the classic ESSO ‘Football Club Badges’ (1971) and my Recommended Read was the ‘Huddersfield Town Miscellany’ by Tony Matthews (2014). (20th May 2018)

Newsletter #31Collection HighlightBaines ‘Scarlet Runners’ card; Latest AcquisitionsTopps Now card, Panini ’GOLD EDITION’ stickers, Serbian ’Russia 2018’ sticker & an Alex Pritchard poster; Auction Watch – a medal and a huge Ardath card; I Wish That I Owned This…The “Gem” Footer Puzzle (1926); Other Football Cards“The Boys’ Friend” ‘Famous Footballers’ (1922); Recommended Read‘The Book Of Football Quotations’ by Phil Shaw (2003); For Sale – new items… and my book! (10th June 2018)

Newsletter #32: Collection Highlight – Ali White HTFC Canvas; Latest Acquisitions – a ceramic Terrier money-box, a rare Aaron Mooy Tschutti Heftli sticker, a Panini ‘PRIZM’ card of new signing Ramadan Sobhi, a 2004 First Day Cover, an Edito Lampo ‘double’ card and yet another Mooy poster; Auction Watch – Len Butt’s kit bag; I Wish That I Owned This… a ‘Cyrillic’ Panini ‘PRIZM’ card of Mooy; Other Football CardsPluck ‘Famous Football Teams’ (1922); Recommended Read‘The Damned United’ by David Peace (2006) (1st July 2018)

Newsletter #33: Collection Highlight – not really an item, just a celebration as Mathias “Zanka” Jorgensen scores for Denmark at the World Cup; Latest Acquisitions – more Panini ‘PRIZM’ cards and three extremely rare foreign stickers; I Wish That I Owned This… – Billy Smith’s and Willie Watson’s ‘Football Life Story’ booklets; Other Football Cards – Boys’ Magazine ‘Coloured Studies of Famous Internationals’ (1922-23); Recommended Read – ‘Spotlight on Football’ by Peter Doherty (1947) and a ‘plug’ for the new YouTube section on my website (29th July 2018)

Newsletter #34Collection Highlight – a really rare Bologna v HTAFC programme; Latest Acquisitions – all sorts of cards, team tabs, a clapper and a press photo of George “Bomber” Brown; Auction Watch – a Leeds Road ground survey/plan; I Wish That I Owned This… – a very rare Panini ‘Mexico ‘70’ original album and stickers; Other Football Cards – the set of Football & Sports Favourite “Sportsmen” stamps (1922); Recommended Read‘Picking Up The Threads’ by John Chandler (2012) which is, perhaps, not all that recommended… (26th August 2018)

Newsletter #35Collection Highlight this time is a  rare 1920 HTAFC Share Certificate; Latest Acquisitions include a rare 1962 LQL sticker, Topps Premier League ‘Gold’ cards, Team Tabs and two more posters; Auction Watch includes a 1916 HTAFC team postcard, about which there will be more next month; I Wish That I Owned This… features a Crescent Confectionery 1923 “Footballer” card of Willie Watson; Other Football Cards looks at the Adventure & Vanguard set of “Football Photos” (1925); Recommended Read is ‘Jelleyman’s Thrown A Wobbly’ by Jeff Stelling (2011) (23rd September 2018)

Newsletter #36: My Collection Highlight was a rare 1916 team postcard; my Latest Acquisitions included some 2018/19 Topps Match Attax cards; a complete strip of three cards from the 1922 Sport & Adventure set of ‘Famous Footballers’; Auction Watch featured a 1954-55 fixture card and a joke ‘In Memoriam’ card; I Wish That I Owned This… covered the Liam Devlin A.3 Series of ‘Famous Footballers’; Other Football Cards this time centred on the Nelson Lee Library ‘Footballers’ (1922); and finally my Recommended Read was ‘The Beautiful Badge’ by Martyn Routledge & Elspeth Wills (2018) (21st October 2018)

Newsletter #37: My Collection Highlight this time was a 1922 FAC song sheet celebrating Town’s only FAC win; Latest Acquisitions included a 1938-39 Albert Wilkes original team photograph, a scarce Topps ‘Match Attax Ultimate’ autograph card, some 1922 All Sports Illustrated articles, Panini ‘Select Soccer’ and ‘2018 WC Prizm’ cards; Auction Watch highlighted a 1932 HTAFC Souvenir Blotter, a rare Baines card of Sandy Mutch and a 1922 FAC celebration programme; I Wish That I Owned This… looked at the humorous ‘In Memoriam’ postcards; Other Football Cards featured the Chums ‘Football Teams’ of 1922-23 and my Recommended Read was ‘Ally McCoist’s Question of Soccer’. (18th November 2018)

Newsletter #38: The Collection Highlight this time was a newspaper cutting from late 1919 as Town were on the verge of ‘folding’; there were lots of Latest Acquisitions including a 1926 Gem Footer Puzzle, three Dawn Covers First Day Postal Covers, three very rare 1949 Fowden Film & Optical Services ‘Film Stips’, two of the new ToppsNow’ and ‘Match Attax On Demand’ cards, and a pair of very rare 1930s Town programmes together with a small selection of magazine posters; Auction Watch featured two Darren Herbert ‘lots’ of Town badges and a unique ‘black’ PaniniSelect’ card of Aaron Mooy; I Wish I Owned This… featured a 1922 FAC Final hotel banquet serviette; Other Football Cards centred on the Pals set of ‘Famous Footballers Fine Art Supplements’ (1922-23); and Rodney Marsh’s ‘Priceless – The Autobiography’ was my Recommended Read. (December 2018)