PAGECRESTTo celebrate landmarks in the club’s history, The Huddersfield Examiner (the local newspaper) has printed special supplements, usually free inside an edition of the paper. Occasionally Town themselves have also commissioned newspapers of their own. Living as far away from Huddersfield as I almost always have (since 1971, anyway) it is difficult to pick up items such as these but I have included here all the ones in my collection; if you have others that you would like to donate, please get in touch! Also, as ever with newspapers, the quality is often very poor, which accounts for some of the rather faint images below.

* Please note that a distinction is made here between newspaper supplements and souvenirs; the latter can be found in the BOOKS section of this website.

The 1960s …


The 1970s ….

1970 2  1970 April  1970

The 1980s …

1980 May7  1983 May25

The 1990s …

1994 April  1994 April2  1994 April3  1995 April 3  1995 April1  1995 April2  1995 August  1996 Aug  1998 Oct  1999 Aug4

The 2000s …

2000 May8  2001 Aug7  2002 Story  2003 April  2004 June1  2004 May24  2005 August  2006 Aug  2007 Aug  2008 Aug

The 2010s …

2010 Aug9  2011 Aug5  2011 June2  2012 May25  2012 May28a  2012 May28b2012 May31  2016 August

On 29th May, 2017, Town hit the big time!

2017 May 30a  2017 May 30b  2017 May 31  2017 May 31a  2017 June fixtures

Town also produced six official Town newspaper magazines and here they all are.

TOWN 1  Town2  TOWN3   TOWN42007 TownTalk  2008TownTalk