Digital Cards: PL Prize Wheel

TOPPS (2018)
‘Topps Kick 18 PL’
Set size unknown
These are professionally produced and feature an official ‘TOPPS’ logo somewhere on the front. I am indebted to Phil Arnfield for providing the vast majority of the images and for also explaining the categories into which they fit, which helps to make some sort of sense of these.

PL Prize Wheel Ince  PL Prize Wheel RVLP  PL Prize Wheel Schindler  PL Prize Wheel Lossl

Series: Valentine’s Day

PL Prize Wheel Depoitre Valentines Set

Series: Nouveau

PL Prize Wheel Nouveau Williams

Series: Star Signings – Team Colours

PL Prize Wheel Star Signing Team Colours Mooy

Series: Masterclass – St. Patrick’s Day
This is the same image as the one used for the PL Chase category, but it has been coloured green to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day.

PL Prize Wheel Masterclass Mounie

Series: Lava Variants

PL Prize Wheel Lava Variant Quaner