Here is a collection of comments about my website. In truth, the vast majority of them refer to the previous two incarnations of my website but there are a few more recent ones. Here you will find comments by actor Reece Dinsdale, ex-player Wayne Goldthorpe and several descendants of Town players past.

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What a fabulous archive that should be of interest not only to fans of Huddersfield Town, but football fans in general given Town’s fantastic, albeit often overlooked, heritage. The amount of work that has gone into this website is awesome and the depth and quality of the information here cannot be overstated. I hope Town prosper now that they have returned to the top tier of football so that even more people can appreciate this site.


Chris Sentance

It’s a brilliant collection and website.

Graham Clark

Thanks for the site and all the regular updates. Just started collecting Town cards and your site is a Godsend!
Thanks – keep up the fantastic work!

Paul Haworth

Amazing collection of Huddersfield Town. I remember having Dick K (I won’t attempt to spell it) in my collection. And yes, as a real football fan (unlike most people today) I know Huddersfield won the league 3 times in succession before any other club.

Brendan Kane

Very interesting content, I’m Tommy Wilson’s grandson so I too collect HTFC memorabilia. The family of course have all Tommy’s medals (including the three consecutive League Champions medals), caps etc. and a collection of photos, some of which can be found on Pinterest – take a look. I also recently came across a series of newspaper articles which Tommy wrote about his footballing career.

David Wilson

Great site, a breadth of information, and great to see the collection of cards through the years!

Kelly Oldcorn (KGF Cards)

Brilliant site, full of marvellous things. Love the magazine section showing all those illustrations I had seen in my youth and vaguely remember them but suddenly you’ve made them all burst into life once again. Great memories.

Graham Clark

It never ceases to amaze me just how well versed you are in even the smallest details of HTFC’s history, A fantastic collection which I hope you will continue to build upon for many years.
Keep up the good work!

Chris Kaminski

Great site! I have a couple of catalogues on UK football cards, but for me your site is the most accurate and informative. Keep up the great work!

Mark McCleary