‘Ultras’ Stickers

PAGECREST‘Ultras’ , ‘Casuals’ or ‘Crew’ was a term used to describe the football hooligan fans of the 1970s, a legacy which continues to this day and is perpetuated especially in Europe where there are many notorious sets of supporters, Roma being one very good example. Huddersfield Town was/is not without its own ‘crew’ but nowadays they tend to prefer to be more vociferous than anything else although the odd game is also spiced up with flares and we’re not talking outrageous 1970s-style trousers here! Originally called the NORTH STAND LOYAL but nowadays housed in the South Stand at the John Smith’s Stadium, they put on terrific displays of waving banners and flags and sing throughout every game, both home and away, thereby doing their utmost to enhance the match day atmosphere. In 2016 the SOUTH STAND LOYAL went to the trouble of producing their own stickers which are presented here together with a ‘rogue’ sticker from a completely different source.

Sunrise   SouthStand   CastleHill   Diagonal   Long   1908   SSL square   Scary

In July 2017 they changed their name to COWSHED LOYAL and produced a new range of stickers as shown below.

CL trumpet   Away Days   Sunrise circle   Stripe   Trophies   Faith   CL 1908

All of the above stickers can be ordered with FREE postage from the NSL shop HERE.

This ‘rogue’ one comes from Casuals Attire costing £1.49 (plus p&p) for a packet of 25 and can be had HERE.