There must be millions of Town related videos uploaded to YouTube, the vast majority being clips of action and the ever-growing number of fan-created vlogs. But in amongst all of the crap there are some true gems. In creating this section I am looking to showcase much of the good Town stuff up there, some of which you might never have seen before. It is worth remembering that in the years of film newsreels only the important FAC games were usually covered and many of these would be silent, and so it is with Town; you have to fast-forward to the 1960s before televised league action with commentary becomes standard. And even then you can’t guarantee either the quality or indeed whether or not you will see all – or even any! – of the Town goals in any given game!

NB I have placed the FAC Final newsreels in my FA CUP FINALS section and all Play-Off footage in HERE.

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